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Directors' Statement

Although we made this back in 2019, we believe that this film is so important because it facilitates the complicated and difficult subjects of illness, grief and loss - topics that are more relevant today than ever before, given the millions of families worldwide who have experienced catastrophic illness and death of loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Through the endearing relationship of Elmer and his beloved Abigail, we are prompted to ask ourselves important and uncomfortable questions about expressing our wishes regarding medical treatment and end of life, while we’re in a position to do so. Through Elmer’s grieving process, we also discover how the path to acceptance and moving forward, often comes from the memories, traditions and secrets of those who we have lost.

It is our hope that this film opens the door for conversations for anyone facing this adversity in their life.

- Max Hechtman and Christonikos Tsalikis

Abigail (2019 Short Film) - "Meet the Directors" PDXFF Promo
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